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Scentish started life in Nicola & Sean's kitchen in 2018, with just a handful of bath bomb scents, and a few whipped soaps. Since then, things have kind of gone wild, and we now have more helping hands, producing thousands of products every day, and Nicola & Sean have their kitchen back.

In our early days, we noticed that small businsses only had access to low quality, cheap products, and most big manufacturers wouldn't produce small batch products for small businesses, which makes it hard to grow a new brand.

We set about changing that. We wanted to offer high quality but affordable products, in small batches, so businesses of all sizes can test the market and increase their sales steadily. Because of this, we have seen new businesses grow month on month to six figures in less than a year, and some of our larger private label customers get their brands and products in huge high street and online retailers across the world.

Some of our ethics

100% Vegan

All our products are 100% Vegan, we think they're better that way, don't you?

Cruelty Free

We LOVE animals, so none of our products or ingredients are tested on them. Ever.


We try to use as many natural ingredients as possible, where it's not, we use safe synthetics

Fair Pricing

Our pricing is set mid range, so you have the best chance of selling & making profit to grow

Why trust us?

We get you, and we understand you. Why? Because like you, we also have a retail brand. We have our own six figure income store, online and social selling platforms just like you, so we know what works, what sells, what doesn't, we know you need a reliable supplier, that can keep you stocked up, and respond to demand. And we know you need consistent quality in your product for repeat custom.

Our experience in numbers


Over 1,000,000 Bath Bombs pressed by hand


Over 100,000 Whipped Soaps hand piped


Our products have been sold by brands in 9 countries


Over £4m of sales generated based on an average mark up

Meet Our Founder


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  • Loves creating new products
  • Loves travelling, as seen here in New York
  • Loves Turtles and her 2 Dogs Pablo & Piper
  • Dislikes being the face of the business
  • Always puts her team before herself
  • Favourite products are the Scrubs and Bath Bombs
  • Definitely a bath person