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🎃 The Halloween Bath Bomb Collection

It's our second favourite time of the year, where we get to create some spooky, creepy novelty bath bombs for your customers to enjoy, and some other bits too. Check out the full collection below, if your not to scared?

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Wholesale Halloween Bath Bombs: From Our Cauldron to Your Shelves

Spooks, Sprinkles, and Soothing Soaks!

Lancashire might be known for its pies, but here at Scentish Wholesale, we've got a slightly different brew bubbling this season. Browse our Wholesale Halloween Bath Bombs – all made with a dash of Northern magic.

Just like our classics, each Halloween-themed bath bomb is hand-crafted. Think of it as our own version of a Halloween bake-off, but instead of a treacle tart, we're making some hauntingly delightful spooky bath bombs. And don't worry, as with all our products we've kept it honest and straight to the point: 100% vegan, always cruelty-free, and purely Northern.

Perks of Picking Scentish Wholesale for Halloween:

1. Handcrafted Haunts: Every spooky bath bomb is handcrafted, ensuring an amazing product for your customers.

2. Vegan & Cruelty Free: All of our Halloween bath bombs are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals.

3. Wholesale Wonders: Enjoy free delivery on wholesale orders over £250 and get an additional 5% discount off orders over £400.

Why not offer your customers an escape from the cold this Halloween and let them relax in a nice warm bath filled with our amazing bath bombs.