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Body Butter vs Body Oil? Which is best?

Body Butter vs Body Oil? Which is best?

When it comes to Skin Care, there are loads of products out there, two of the main ones are Body Butters, and Body Oils. But which one is really the best? And should you use one or the other? We say both...

What is the difference between a Body Butter and Body Oil?

It all comes down to the formulation really. Body Butters are thick and creamy, and usually contain more solid oils and butters, like Shea, Cocoa, or Coconut Oil which nourish the deep layers of your skin. Body Oils tend to be lighter, thinner and use liquid oils to target the top layers of your skin, to lock moisture in. 

Which should I use?

We think both. For a full deep hydrating skin care routine, our recommendation is simple, just follow these steps

  1. Take a shower or bath to soak in that all important natural water. To add a little more, use one of our Whipped Soaps too, with its Cocoa, Shea and Grapeseed Oil. 
  2. Dry off, but leave your skin a little damp
  3. Apply a Body Butter all over, massage it in to your skin, to penetrate the deep layers of skin, and leave it to soak in for a few minutes
  4. Seal all that nourishment in with a Body Oil, to moisturise the top layers of your skin, and seal it all together. The Body Oil will soak in quickly and leave a light, non greasy feel.

Check out our full range of Whipped Soaps, Body Butters and Wholesale Body Oils to give your customers the total skin care routine.

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